1. If you’re fly, you’re fly!

  2. Just favorited Off the shelf 06 by Jazzcat on Mixcloud

  3. I just painted some eggs. (at The Victorian Mansion)

  4. My Easter table setting. Христос Воскресе! (at The Victorian)

  5. Thank you to Lynn & Frank Yurcan for the great good-bye present! The frog jam was delicious! Now my new cactus lives in the jar!

  7. Can somebody tell me what is going on outside of my house? There are 10 of these police trucks and countless more other vehicles and city agencies. (at The Victorian Mansion)

  8. My favorite pieces I wear daily. Mostly @jillplatner except the triangle studs and the fringy ring on the left. (at The Victorian)

  10. I miss you already, Savannah! (at Forsyth Park, Savannah GA)

  11. Today I learned that the color of the fish on the bottom of drain pipes is not black but Charleston green.

  12. The couch lights up at night (at SCAD Museum of Art)

  13. All these secret gardens!

  14. Time. Space. Light. (at Alex Raskin Antiques)

  15. This mansion is full of antiques top to bottom (at Alex Raskin Antiques)