2. I miss you already, Savannah! (at Forsyth Park, Savannah GA)

  3. Today I learned that the color of the fish on the bottom of drain pipes is not black but Charleston green.

  4. The couch lights up at night (at SCAD Museum of Art)

  5. All these secret gardens!

  6. Time. Space. Light. (at Alex Raskin Antiques)

  7. This mansion is full of antiques top to bottom (at Alex Raskin Antiques)

  8. Victorian details

  9. Antiquing in Savannah (at Alex Raskin Antiques)

  10. Iron gate detail

  11. Victorian window frames

  12. Among the trees.

  13. One door down from this gorgeousness there’s an apartment for rent.

  14. I need a second job so I can indulge in antiquing. (at Alex Raskin Antiques)

  15. Savannah моя любов (at Pulaski Monument)